To Sell or to Serve?

We are more than just insurance brokers

A former client needed assistance in finding an affordable Auto insurance plan. Due to her Financial Circumstances she could not afford anything above $30 per month. Lapse in insurance coverage, age and recently lapsed drivers license were not helping her already bad sitaution. After hours of research, and even checking other programs not carried by us, I was able to help this elderly woman meet the coverage she desired at a price she could afford.

Although it feels good to make a sale and sales are needed to make a living, it feels even better when I can help someone without expecting anything in return. We do our job as if we are treating a family member and we hold ourselves to higher standard with the goal in mind to give our clients “Total Client Satisfaction”!

My name is Randy Cruz and I look forward to serving your insurance needs, even if it takes for me to refer you out to another carrier.

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