Under 1 brand or under 1 roof?

Putting all your eggs in one basket can be super beneficial because of the discounts received, but over time the plan that was great for you can begin to become stale. Meaning that you can be saving on your Auto insurance that renews every 6 months but paying back the savings and then some on the Home insurance your bank pays. Not to mention the over priced Umbrella insurance and Rental Home insurance policies.

What happens when you ask the 1 carrier agent if it’s the best plan for you? – “XYZ Insurance is the best! We give you the best rates in town!” <-(well that’s about all they can say since they can’t give you another option)
Now, how about this for an idea? Having one insurance broker who has access to multiple companies and gives you diversity to help meet your needs. Wihtout comprimising on coverage by offering you true options, and still giving you the savings you deserve!

Here at T.C.S. Insurance, I will be more than happy to take a look at your current policies and show you if there is room for improvement or if I can better your insurance coverage situation.

-Monica Mata

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