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Total Client Satisfaction is Our number one goal while we ensure the protection of our clients.

The journey of TCS Insurance Brokers started in February 2007, and in no time with hard work and dedication our reputation in the marketplace grew, which is why, we proudly consider ourselves one of the best home, auto, commercial & life insurance brokerages out of California.

We are about Total Client Satisfaction while keeping true to being the best Insurance Brokers we can be!

To properly service our growing clientele base and create the best client experience for new and existing clients, we have our corporate headquarters in Tracy, CA where all communications are centralized. Along with many remote satellite locations manned by licensed insurance pros that speak local. Areas where our clientele has moved to, vacation to or maintain investments, important areas like – San Francisco Bay Area Redwood City, Central Valley Merced California, Las Vegas Henderson Nevada, Santa Fe New Mexico and Dallas Texas. – As of 2022 we are licensed in 11 States and planning on expanding.

We started this journey over 15 years ago proudly offering 1 franchise insurer to all our clients. However, we soon realized a full solution required expansion into the independent insurance market where quality tailored options would exceed our client’s ever evolving needs. Protecting the precious belongings, assets, futures, livelihoods, health and lives of our valued clientele, has been the driving force behind the daunting challenge we have taken on. Yet we thoroughly enjoy each challenge we face. Coming from 1 carrier to now representing over 40 insurers, while thoroughly understanding complex commercial insurance contracts for our business clients, to breaking down car insurance rates to new teen driver parents, to leading our clients through the challenging claims process of home insurance, to setting up tax free retirement income using life insurance & annuities. As your trustworthy licensed insurance brokers & insurance agents we continuously refine our expertise by expanding our knowledge on what’s new, what’s changing and how to save without compromise.


We listen to your concerns, your wants and your needs.


We analyze your current and past insurance programs to help find the missing pieces.


We provide a comprehensive solution in easy to understand terms along with a plan to review & update coverage as your needs evolve.


We stand with you when the unexpected happens and provide claims guidance to help ease the process.


Our four core services are Personal Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Specialty Insurance and DMV Registration Renewals. If it has the word insurance we very likely have a solution to offer you.

Collectively our brokerage has over 70 years of insurance experience, we are licensed to transact insurance in 11 States and we hold over 40 contracts with regional, national and worldwide insurance carriers.


Our name says it all, we are Insurance Brokers devoted to providing Total Client Satisfaction.

Our main responsibility is as Insurance Brokers to our clients first, and Insurance Agents to the insurance companies we represent, secondly. Always putting the needs of our clientele ahead of our own and that of the insurance company.

“insurance the way it’s meant to be!”


TCS Insurance Brokers aims to protect each and every individual family and corporate entity in CA, OR, WA, ID, NV, AZ, NM, UT, CO, TX & MI. By using effective and affordable insurance plans which protect you while making it economical for you…   And to do so, we-

  • Discuss the assets to be secured, be it car, home, investment property or business
  • Analyze the actual value of the property & the risks to insure against
  • Prepare a list of relevant insurance plans
  • Define the client’s budget
  • Educate clients about the insurance terms
  • Complete the legal contracting
  • Hand over a customized insurance program
  • Assist clients during the claims process






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