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Business Insurance

TCS Insurance Brokers evaluates your insurance needs based on potential risks, which can vary depending on how the company operates. We must protect your business from losses, damaged goods, legal responsibility and worker-related risks that might occur during the lifetime of your business.

General Liability Insurance is mandatory for small-scale business owners because of the personal exposure that can happen in the event of a financial loss. If you’re operating a home-based business, inquire about additional coverage for equipment and inventory through a quote from us today.

How do I get my business insured?

When getting business insurance, you first have to ask yourself, what are your top concerns? We sit down with you to find out what business issues are top of mind. Are you worried about meeting requirements on the lease agreement, employee injuries, theft or property damage? Once we figure that out we can provide you with the best coverage for your needs.

What do I need to get my business insured?

In order to know exactly what you need we first need to ask you a few questions. We take time to sit down with you one on one to discover your business needs. We ask you questions such as; How is the business structured? Sole Proprietor, Corporation, LLC.? What’s your role in the business? What are your business operations? How many people are involved in your business? How much money would you need to re-start your business after a loss? Understanding your unique situation allows us to tailor an insurance solution for you and your business.

Why do I need business insurance?

The answer is simple, to protect yourself, your family and your livelihood. Without the proper business insurance, you can face long term financial losses caused by an employee getting hurt, a natural disaster or legal issues. You need business insurance to make sure you and your family are protected from risks that come from running a business.

Why choose TCS to be your business insurance experts?

Does it matter who handles the insurance for the place where you make your livelihood? Absolutely! Our commercial insurance department is run by our very own agency owner, someone who’s been successful at running this business for over 15 years, who understands the day to day struggles a business owner goes through, who has done it, seen it and survived it.

Now, we aren’t saying we are a one man show here. We actually have a group of veteran business insurance professionals from all walks of life. From Marlon Call, “The Insurance Cowboy” with over 30 years under his belt handling ranching and farming risks. To Brian Schilling, the start up guru who runs several successful ventures while helping out new business owners get set up with insurance the first time. To Nelia Tabasa, who oversees Filipino small business operations in the California Central Valley. To Domingo Ramos, “Mr. TCS” himself, who’s helped launch several successful businesses in the past 20 years and who makes sure we are appointed directly with companies like Hartford, Nationwide-Allied, Chubb, Stillwater-Fidelity, Guard, Travelers, Liberty and Kemper to just name a few. Along with a complete service department that’s eager and ready to handle all the day to day certificate of insurance and billing requests. – What are you waiting for? Give us a call or send us a text! (209)207-0577

From physical injury, damaged goods, or personal injury, we can help you get covered for general business liabilities.

TCS Insurance Brokers’ policies provide you with affordable and effective general liability business insurance. We help cover any third-party damage while proving you with business owners insurance that helps keep you covered as well.

If a worker dies, Workers Comp can cover funeral costs and benefits to the worker’s family. As per our experts, this policy can help your business do a couple of things:

  • Pay for replacement wages and medical expenses when employees are injured at work.
  • Pay for legal expenditure if an employee sues over a work injury that the policy doesn’t cover.

This is an agreement between three parties: Principal, Surety and Obligee.
The surety provides a financial guarantee to the obligee (i.e. government) that the principal (business owner) will fulfill their obligations.

Therefore, a surety bond is a risk transfer mechanism by complying with
the state laws and regulations pertaining to a specific business license, or
meeting the terms of a construction contract. The surety is only extending
your credit, and therefore will expect to be reimbursed if a valid claim is paid.

instant General Liability Insurance
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General Liability & Workers Comp Insurance
From physical injury, damaged goods, or personal injury, we can help you get covered for all liabilities.
Surety Bonds
Need to Contractor Bond, License Bond, Performance Bond, LLC Bond? Click here to find the lowest priced bonds on the market!
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