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Home Insurance

TCS Insurance offers comprehensive home insurance to renters as well as homeowners. The home insurance we offer covers a range of policies like unexpected calamities, burglary, theft or damage due to fire or allied perils.

Here at TCS Insurance Brokers we offer a variety of insurances to help protect owners and renters. From our commercial property insurance for landlords to our residential home insurance for renters and home owners. We got you covered!

Why do I need home insurance?

Home Insurance covers just about anything that can happen in and around your property. Home insurance covers Fire Damage, Wind Damage, Sudden Explosions, Vandalism, Theft and a Slip, Fall or other Injury while on and around the property. Additionally, with Homeowners insurance you can be covered to rent another house while yours is being repaired or rebuilt. Or receive Loss Rents if your Dwelling is under a Landlord insurance policy.

I rent, I don’t own a home… do I still need home insurance?

Your landlord does not have any legal responsibility over you, your family or your belongings. Renters insurance is there to protect you in case of a fire or other unfortunate events. Renters insurance can pay you for your lost items and pay you to live in a temporary location while you find a permanent place. Renters insurance can also protect you against lawsuits that can arise because of someone getting hurt or damage caused to the rented property. You don’t need home insurance but you do need renters insurance to keep yourself protected.

I have investment properties, what type of insurance do I need if I am a landlord?

Owning rental property can be a great investment but it does come with its unique risks. A Dwelling Landlord insurance policy is the solution for you. These types of policies come with everything found in a typical homeowner’s policy but with the required extra coverage for your investment property. Extra coverage includes; Extended Liability protection that covers you against tenant/landlord disputes, Loss of Rents coverage that will keep you in the black during the repair and rebuild period, Equipment Breakdown coverage that can take care of those mechanical issues that can arise.

As expert insurance brokers we can help simplify Landlord insurance and place you in the residential or commercial insurance best suited for you and your investment.

This insurance covers personal belongings and property damages. With this coverage your home and your belongings are protected. It also provides responsibility coverage against accidents to the home or the personal belongings inside it.

We provide affordable homeowners insurance that not only saves you from unexpected expenses but will also help you protect your home. Be safe against natural disasters and live a stress free life.

TCS Insurance Brokers’ policies provide excellent protection to landlords. In situations that prevent a property owner from using their property as a source of income, the landlord, will be covered for the costs needed to fix the damages that left their property beyond habitation.

This insurance also protects landlords from possible tenant risks. You can be protected from various tenant risks by choosing a comprehensive renters insurance policy that insures landlords and tenants alike.

Our insurance partners are at your service in providing you renters insurance to protect your belongings if something happens to them while renting a home. Get renters insurance quote from one of our expert home insurance agents, today!

Home Owners Insurance
From personal belongings to land
cover losses, this policy provides coverage for the
physical home and  thepersonal belongings
inside of it.
Landlord Insurance
This property insurance provides protection to landlords by keeping them covered as they rent their property. The coverage also provides protection from various tenant risks.
Renters Insurance
TCS Insurance Brokers provide excellent renters insurance. This policy protects you and
your belongings. This allows you to feel right
at home when you’re renting!
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