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Workers Compensation Insurance Quote

Save time, money and get peace of mind with a professional Workers Compensation Insurance quote from TCS Insurance Brokers.

Why have Commercial or Workers Comp insurance with TCS Insurance Brokers?

We take a different approach than many when it comes to commercial auto insurance. We make it easy by asking all the right questions up front. We do all the work of finding you the perfect program to meet your current business financial needs. Then as your business evolves we will be right there with you to provide you the most cost effective solutions that will help your bottom line!

What’s the advantage of using a commercial insurance broker?

In the ever-changing game of insurance, you are the player, the insurance company is the league and we, TCS Insurance Brokers, are your coach. Let’s start by being blunt here and saying it how it is, Not All Insurance Companies Play by the Same Rules!

You, the player, have to maneuver through the obstacles and pitfalls the insurance companies set up for businesses like your. TCS Insurance Brokers is here to coach you from start to finish and help you get ahead safe & financially sound! – How do we do that? We break things down and make them simple to understand. We compare and contrast insurance companies to make sure you get the best commercial coverage when you need it. We ask the important questions up front to make sure nothing is unanswered. And because we represent multiple carriers, we have a vast knowledge of the internal inner workings of each company. We understand their claims practices which is key knowledge that we often use when our clients have gotten into serious accidents.

What are coverages and limits I should be looking for in a complete business owner and workers comp policy?

Coverage limits refer to the maximum amount the insurance company is obligated to pay on your behalf for an accident you or your employees are found to be at fault for.

Most Commercial leases require a minimum amount of coverage to indemnify the landlord. Usually a minimum limit of $1,000,000 liability coverage per claim and $2,000,000 aggregate limit.

A Construction Contractor may require higher limits depending on the jobs he or she is taking on. An Umbrella or Excess Liability policy might be needed if limits higher than $1,000,000 per claim.

A Business Owners Policy might provide Business Personal Property to cover damage to your equipment, supplies, inventory and furniture at your place of business. As well as Improvements & Betterments coverage to cover for any upgrades you have performed to the leased premises.

Loss of Income is a coverage that replaces your lost sales or income after a covered loss. You can have this coverage as a Net or Gross payout. Unfortunately, at the given moment COVID, Pandemics or War are NOT covered losses where this coverage can be used.

If you have volunteers or employees you are required to provide Workers Compensation coverage to pay for any injuries they might suffer. Most states require a minimum coverage limit of $1,000,000 per claim. However, the coverage limits should for employee injuries can exceed this basic $1,000,000 limit and a quality Umbrella is recommended. Also, Workers Comp. does not cover employee hiring, training and managing risks and that is why a Employers Practices Liability policy should be considered.

General Liability can be considered the slip, trip and fall coverage. While Professional Liability is to pay for injuries caused by advise or equipment provided to the consumer.  However, in today’s technology driven society we now recommend that all businesses also carry Cyber Liability to protect against the lawsuits and expenses that arise from client’s compromised data, medical or financial information.

Why choose TCS to be your business insurance experts?

Does it matter who handles the insurance for the place where you make your livelihood? Absolutely!

Our commercial insurance department is run by our very own agency owner. Domingo Ramos, “Mr. TCS” himself, who’s helped launch several successful businesses in the past 20 years and who makes sure we are appointed directly with companies like Hartford, Nationwide-Allied, Chubb, Stillwater-Fidelity, Guard, Travelers, Liberty and Kemper to just name a few. Someone who’s been successful at running this business for over 15 years, who understands the day to day struggles a business owner goes through and who’s done it, seen it and survived it.

Now, we aren’t saying we are a one man show here. We have a group of veteran insurance professionals from all walks of life. From Marlon Call, “The Insurance Cowboy” with over 30 years under his belt handling ranching and farming risks. To Brian Schilling, the start up guru who runs several successful ventures while helping out new business owners get set up with insurance the first time. To Nelia Tabasa, who oversees Filipino small business operations in the California Central Valley.

We also have a complete service department that’s eager and ready to handle all the day to day certificate of insurance and billing requests. – What are you waiting for? Give us a call or send us a text! (209)207-0577

TCS Insurance Brokers is all about offering the best choices to our valued clients.

Clients that work openly with us receive the best we have to offer. Let us help you, be open and honest about your concerns, your business operations and your needs. We will out perform any competitor on any given day for the right client!

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