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CA DMV Registration Quote

Save time and get peace of mind with your personalized DMV Registration quote from TCS Insurance Brokers.

What types of DMV Registration Services does TCS Insurance Brokers offer?

We can handle everything registration related for the CA DMV. Such as Transfer of Ownership, Renewal, Plate or Sticker Replacement, Out of State Transfer, Weight Codes, Daily Moving Permits, Commercial Vehicle Registration  for personal, commercial and recreational vehicles.

What’s the advantage of using TCS Insurance Brokers?

You get to skip the DMV line! You can text in, email in or call in your request. Then you pick up your DMV documents when you are ready. That easy! As a second line of business partner with the CA Department of Motor Vehicles, we are trusted to transact on behalf of the DMV for a fee. We hold DMV paper, stickers and plates so that you don’t have to visit the crowded DMV office.

If you are current TCS Insurance Brokers client, we can even deliver locally to you!

What are the most common CA DMV Registration rules & steps to follow?

The DMV can make things confusing but we are here to help. Below are the most common CA DMV FAQ’s;

Registration Renewals can be completed online, at a local DMV office, a DMV Kiosk or a second line of business partner like us. The vehicle needs to have valid registration and a Smog check is required every couple of years.

Transfer of Ownership can only be completed at a local DMV office and second line of business partners like us. A signed and completed title and smog check is required. In lieu of a title you can present a bill of sale. Also, you can have some fees and smog inspection waived in certain situations like when transferring between spouse’s, parents to children or between siblings.

Out of State Transfers or vehicles new to California require everything mentioned above in transfer of ownership. Plus, you are required to complete a VIN Verification with a licensed VIN Verifier.

Non-Op is when you will not be driving or parking your vehicle on a California roadway. You can start a non-op at the time of renewal and you can remove the non-op at any time. However, you may be responsible for late fees accrued during the non-operation status of the vehicle. So we recommend that if you vehicle has been on non-op for longer than 1 year, that you visit a local DMV office to have all or as many fees waived.

DMV Fees cannot be waived by any second line of business partner. You must walk into a local DMV office to have any fees waived or to challenge any fees being charged.

Registration Suspension $14 fee is a fee assessed by the CA DMV to vehicles that have not had valid CA Insurance. You are required to carry valid insurance at all times. If your vehicle ends up without insurance for longer than 2 weeks, you will likely have your registration suspended. Which means that you have to do the following: 1) Get valid insurance, 2) Pay the $14 fee to the DMV online (see link below), 3) Wait 72 business hours to have the suspension clear. – Pay the $14 Suspension Fee here:,pay%20the%20%2414%20reinstatement%20fee.

TCS Insurance Brokers is all about offering the best services & information to our clients.

Car Registration

The Department of  Motor Vehicles assures the registration of vehicles. Before you can register your car, your vehicle will likely need to:

  • Have a title in your name.
  • Pass an emissions test or smog check.
  • Pass a vehicle safety inspection.
  • Be covered by car insurance.

Car Title Transfer

Car owners have to transfer the title when, he or she buys or sells a vehicle, gifts a car, or require a name change on a car title after a marriage or divorce. TCS Insurance Brokers is at your service to transfer titles with your Department of Motor Vehicles or vehicle licensing agency.

License Plate Replacement

In case your license plate has been destroyed or stolen you can order new or replacement plates. When replacing your license plate you may receive –

  • Replacement plates with the similar alphabet letters and number combination as your previous plates (with exception of motorcycles)
  • A completely different alphabet and number combination on a new general issue license plate.
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