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If you love sports like me, you are probably experiencing major withdrawal symptoms right now. I miss sports much like you probably do. So let’s chat sports!

Did you know life insurance is also a game? It can be as difficult to understand as learning all the rules in football. My goal is to simplify the rules so you can understand better. Let me ask you a few questions first about football and auto racing.

  • If you could play football, where any loss of yardage means you start right back where you started with no yards lost, would you play? Would you accept that rule, knowing that if you gain more than 10 yards, you will get a 1st down with 10 yards gained maximum?
  • If you could enter the Indy 500, with a guarantee that you cannot fall behind on laps if the leader passes you, and always be on the lead lap, would you race knowing that when lap 500 comes, if you cross the finish line before the leader, you will win?

Both of these scenarios greatly reduce the risk of losing – and give you a greater chance to score more points or finish higher in the race compared to the field competing under normal rules.

So what if your life insurance played by rules where you can come out ahead too? That’s how the Indexed Universal Life plan works. It follows the performance of the stock indexes (for example the S&P 500). When the S&P surges ahead, your interest credited to your account surges ahead, up to 10% annually. When the S&P goes in reverse into negative territory, your interest does not reverse but stays at 0% – no money lost unlike if you were directly invested in the market. IULs are not investments, but mirror the performance of the marketplace.

This growth helps you achieve many goals: permanent protection for your family, extra funds for college or mortgage down payment, protect your mortgage, and also, create a long-term care fund for your future (up to 75% of cash value). And with the ability to be flexible on how much you put in, knowing you can never lose money……is this a game you would be interested in playing?

In today’s unique world, the life insurance industry is also seeing things that are unprecedented: fewer medical exams and better rates awarded to clients in good health. There has never been a better time to start playing the game – or choosing a new game with better rules that are in your favor. We’re here to help you and your family win…..want to play with us?

Brian Schilling, VP of Life Insurance

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How we do business…..

At TCS Insurance Brokers we do insurance different than most and our focus is on providing you a complete circle of protection tailored to your unique needs. We take time to research and completely understand the products we offer. We can clearly explain the difference between one option to the next without solely relying on price to be the determining factor and actually be able to provide you the expert advice you deserve.

Who are we?

Most of the individuals who do our kind of work intend to do good for consumers like you and provide full service research backed with solid advice, but unfortunately it’s easier to be a salesperson. A salesperson finds the cheapest option without actually understanding what they are selling or how the policy will determine if they are going to pay your claim in the future. – We are NOT salespeople.

We are true Insurance Brokers representing our clients and only contracting with and offering proven quality insurance carriers. Always making sure we understand what we are offering you and how it will play out during a claim, which is when all of this really matters. 

Insurance the way it’s meant to be!