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  • Upfront Insurance Commissions
  • Uncapped Residual Income
  • Build Your Own Insurance Book of Business
  • Do Absolutely ZERO Insurance Sales
Best Insurance Agency in Tracy, California

Welcome to REP- IT!

TCS Insurance Brokers exclusive Real Estate Partner Insurance Income Opportunity!

Are you tired of giving away your clients to unreliable insurance agencies, having to waste your valuable time working on the insurance side of the deal and still walking away with a sour taste in your mouth and with ZERO added income to show for it? Then you want to hear about our REP-IT program!

We have designed a program exclusively for dually licensed Real Estate and Insurance Professionals. A program where you, the Realtor, do RE sales while we handle all your insurance transactions! – YES, we do it all for you and you earn both an upfront Commission and Year After Year Residual Income!!

How to Qualify for REP-IT?

  • Be Dually Licensed in Real Estate and Insurance in the States we operate in (as of 4.28.20201= California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Michigan).
  • Have Real Estate as your main career and focus.
  • Be open to Represent TCS Insurance Brokers on the insurance side of the RE sales transaction, but not actually do the sale or any transaction on our end.
  • Be a team player and know how to do a warm lead transfer.
  • Allow us to cross sell on your behalf (Auto, Home, Life, Health, Commercial, Specialty) – while you earn additional commissions for each piece of business we write for that household!

Who are we and why do we offer this opportunity?

TCS Insurance Brokers has been around since 2007 and it is a Family and Team Oriented Independent Insurance and Financial Services Agency out of Tracy, California. We have experts in every line of business, from Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life and Health Insurance, Business and Commercial to Specialty off the wall insurance that you have probably never even heard about too! – We are top rated and recommended by all our clients. We are True Insurance Brokers (meaning we work exclusively for our clients and NOT the insurance companies) and we make insurance easy for our partners and clients alike!!

Why are we offering real estate and select mortgage professionals this opportunity? – Obtaining the client is the hardest part of any sales career. Keeping the client is even harder to do. So we have learned that by partnering with professionals we can help one another accomplish more. – You are great at your craft and know that you should do more. We are great at our craft and also know we can and should do more, but neither of us want to learn a new craft. However, we both want to be paid for the hard work we have done and continue to do, right? That’s where this amazing partnership comes into play and it’s worked for many already. It’s just now that we are making it official and bringing it to the public view. So jump onboard before the window of opportunity closes!!

Are you ready to learn more?

If you are ready to move forward with learning more, simply agree to the prospective Team Member Non-Disclosure Agreement below and complete the form. – We will keep all our interactions top secret while we work with you on figuring out if this opportunity is something mutually beneficial.

Prospective Team Member Form

Please complete if you are interested in learning more about joining our awesome team.

Step 1 of 4 – Consent to Non-Disclosure Agreement

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