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We insure the best bad drivers!

Yep, we can insure “bad drivers” with ease because we directly represent the top non-standard insurance carriers in California. Now, let’s first understand that we only want to deal with HONEST folks that have fallen into the “Bad Driver” category. We won’t judge you and we will actually help you understand the insurance you are buying and find ways to save you some money too!

What is a bad driver in California? 

In California there is a 30% discount given to California Good Drivers who have kept their license active for 3 years without multiple violations or suspensions of any kind. However, there are situations where you can become a bad driver even if you have had the cleanest driving record all your life. Below is a list of bad drivers we can insure:

  • Non Licensed Foreign Nationals – Matricula – Passport – International License
  • Suspended License due to an accident without insurance (SR-22)
  • Suspended License due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or “wet & reckless” (SR-22)
  • Multiple Violations & Multiple Claims within a 5 year period
  • Non Licensed Nationals – I.D. Card Only or Never Licensed
  • Cancelled Insurance for multiple Non-Payment of premiums

Just because you are a “Bad Driver” in the eyes of the DMV does not mean that you should carry bad insurance. We believe that everyone deserves to carry quality insurance while being represented by quality ethical insurance professionals.

Do I have to pay a fee?

No, you do not need to pay us a fee to get insurance. The insurance company itself might have you pay a surcharge or policy fee when you initiate a non standard auto insurance policy, but it’s usually no more than $30.

SR22’s do require an additional fee up front of no more than $30 as well but we do offer 2 carriers that don’t charge an extra fee for the SR-22.

Why do others charge a fee? – Many places pretend to be true insurance brokers and they sneak in a fee that the California Department of Insurance allows us real brokers to charge. This fee is earned by us real brokers when we have done the following: 1) Searched multiple insurers to find you and present you different options. 2) When we agree that we will represent you during the coverage selection process and claims. 3) When you AGREE that we have earned this fee and you agree to pay us this ridiculous fee. * * * WE DO NOT CHARGE STUPID BROKER FEES FOR HELPING YOU INSURE YOUR VEHICLES – Why? Because we are smart brokers, not stupid or sneaky! * * *

Can I get full coverage for a salvage?

Absolutely yes! Now, you need to understand the following when insuring a salvaged title or grey market vehicle:

  1. A salvage vehicle will create a surcharge on most auto insurance policies. So you will be paying more up front.
  2. A salvage vehicle will NOT be fixed by the insurer after a covered loss. Meaning that once there is a claim the insurance will payout the damage but NOT fix the car.
  3. A salvaged car, truck or motorcycle will be paid out on Actual Cash Value minus wear & tear minus grey market value depreciation. Many times not worth insuring in the first place. ?

A Commercial Auto policy broadens the coverage options. Such as allowing you to list your Business as a Named Insured and allowing you to drive unlimited miles per year. Plus, the coverage amount options can exceed the usual $500,000 limits a personal auto policy has. A commercial auto policy can extend coverage to protect and insure an employee where as a personal auto policy excludes this coverage.

Is cheaper to insure teen drivers by themselves?

Teen drivers are not CA Good Drivers because they have not had their license for 3 years continuously. So many places, which I won’t name, will offer you a Bad Driver policy to insure your teen by themselves. Which is not the best idea because of the following reasons:

  • They will not get your discounts when being insured separate. So in turn you are paying more per thousand of coverage.
  • There will not be coverage when they drive vehicles not on their policy. Bad Driver policies do not offer full permissive use coverage and your Good Driver policy will likely have an exclusion for undisclosed children/household members.
  • There will not be coverage when they let their friends drive their car.  This happens all the time!
  • You CANNOT Cheat the system. You will lose every time you try and cheat insurers out of their money. We’ve seen it time and time again.

If you have a policy with a preferred carrier that offers high limits of insurance, your teen will likely get a better deal because they qualify to be insured under you and they get to share your discounts and your coverages. – If you have a teen, we have quality programs where we can insure the entire family. Bad Driver insurance is not one of them.

Can I insure a car registered to someone else?

Yes, we offer coverage for any car, truck or van whether you legally own it or not. The only requirement is that we need to list the registered owner.

How do i get insurance with TCS?

Our group of pros are eager and whiling to help honest folks like yourself. So we are for full transparency and great communication so that we can do what we do best. You can reach out to us via the quote request form below or any of the following:

  • Email us –
  • Call us – (209)207-0577
  • Text us – (209)207-0577
    • Provide the following – All Drivers Info – Registrations – Declaration Pages of Current or Past Insurance – A realistic price or coverage request.

We work the hardest to provide Total Client Satisfaction with every insurance product we offer. From Commercial Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, General Liability, Life Insurance, Bonds, Mexico Travel Insurance, Collector Cars to Hard to Insure Drivers our team of hard working insurance brokers will go above and beyond to provide an answer to your problem. Whether that is to insure with us or to keep what you have but modify or tweak a thing or two.

I hope that this quick post provided you some insight on personal auto insurance for California Non-Good Drivers. – If I can assist you in properly insuring your vehicles or answering any questions in regards to coverage or claims, please feel free to reach out. If you are licensed insurance professional in any state and are looking at joining forces with a dynamic team that will provide you all the sales tools you need, please send me message!

post written by: Domingo Ramos, Insurance Broker, proudly licensed to transact insurance in California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington. –

CALL OR TEXT (209)207-0577


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