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We offer a variety of Homeowners coverage options to reflect the needs of homeowners in Central Valley to Bay Area California, including multiple package options. Our policy options include different levels of dwelling coverage, some with extended replacement cost coverage with low deductible options, limited sewer and drain back-up coverage as well as a service line coverage.

Our companies offer varying amounts of personal liability limits, personal injury coverage, as well as limited animal liability coverage. There is also endorsements devoted to equipment breakdown that can be included in a package or can be added on to any policy as an a la carte option.

Additional coverage options include:
  • Earthquake (also offered as a stand-alone policy)
  • Flood (offered as a stand-alone policy)
  • Scheduled Personal Property (jewelry, furs, fine art, etc.)
  • Ordinance or Law coverage
  • 3 types of Identity Theft coverage with Resolution Services
Available with most of our carriers:
  • Mortgage payment protection
  • Cyber liability coverage
  • Special Personal Property coverage
  • “New Home” discount (new homeowners buying their first home)
As an insurance brokerage built on the foundation of putting the needs of our customers first, we make a concerted effort to find the most discounts so that rates are always competitive, and you are able to get the best bang for your buck.
Savings vary per package and per company but generally include multi-policy, gated or retirement communities, monitored fire or theft alarm, and tile roof discounts. 
For more information on homeowners insurance in California or Nevada, please give us a call or text us at 209-207-0577

To connect with our team, please click on the chat option on this website, send us text or call us at (209)207-0577. Or email us at

How we do business….. 

At TCS Insurance Brokers we do insurance different than most and our focus is on providing you a complete circle of protection tailored to your unique needs. We take time to research and completely understand the products we offer. We can clearly explain the difference between one option to the next without solely relying on price to be the determining factor and actually be able to provide you the expert advice you deserve. 

Who are we?

Most of the individuals who do our kind of work intend to do good for consumers like you and provide full service research backed with solid advice, but unfortunately it’s easier to be a salesperson. A salesperson finds the cheapest option without actually understanding what they are selling or how the policy will determine if they are going to pay your claim in the future. – We are NOT salespeople. 

We are true Insurance Brokers representing our clients and only contracting with and offering proven quality insurance carriers. Always making sure we understand what we are offering you and how it will play out during a claim, which is when all of this really matters. 

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