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At T.C.S. Insurance Brokers, Inc. we offer over 26 insurance programs, with coverage ranging from Auto, Home, Commercial, Benefits, Health, Life & Retirement to Specialty & Travel.

Most would say that this is a disadvantage because it’s too much to learn about, understand and be able to explain. But we at T.C.S. Insurance believe that in order to serve the purpose of Total Client Satisfaction, there should not be any other alternative. We owe it to our clients to know more than one program and to be able to correctly advise them as to what the pros or cons may be.
Where did this idea come from?
As principle of T.C.S. Insurance Brokers, Inc., I took on the mission of creating an agency that can only function when our client’s needs are 100% met. Regardless if our own agency goals were put aside to accomplish the mission of Total Client Satisfaction.
So, as a group, we have carefully chosen each carrier we want to represent. We have and continue to choose each carrier based on the carrier’s current and past performance.
1. We review how each carrier handles claims. We research what consumers have to say and why they say what they say.
2. We then reach out to other agencies that have contracts with those carriers to see if there are opportunities or deficiencies with the carrier.
3. Eventually we end up interviewing the carrier before signing on and offering their product to our valued clientele.
However, the work isn’t done just yet! We then study each policy contract to fully understand the carrier’s appetite, pros, cons and policy “loop holes” (which can negatively impact our clients). Once we understand and can accurately match a client with carrier and their product, than at that point we can almost call it complete.
It doesn’t stop after we make the sale…..
Once we match the client with the product, we must understand and know what to expect when their is a claim. Becuase the reason one gets insurance is to cover for when the unexcpected happens, right? So that means we MUST know how to handle a claim with each carrier we represent. – And we do!

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