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Business Insurance – Smart Protection for Small Businesses

Small Business Insurance: Smart Protection You’ve invested a lot of time, money and sweat in your small business, so it makes sense to protect that investment with smart insurance coverage. In fact, business insurance should be an essential part of your business operations — a necessity for safeguarding your business assets, your employees and your livelihood.

What coverage do you need?

Business insurance policies come in many forms to cover many needs. Several factors determine what coverage you’ll need and the rate you’ll pay, such as the nature of your business, whether you operate from a commercial building or home office and whether you have employees. Below are the most common types of coverage that small businesses need:

  • Property insurance: Property insurance covers your buildings, equipment, inventory and other contents.
  • Liability insurance: If you have customers visiting your business, general liability insurance protects your business in the event a customer is injured on your property. It also pays for your legal defense if you face a lawsuit because your product or service causes harm. If you provide services that could cause others’ financial loss, you also may need professional liability coverage.
  • Commercial auto: Commercial auto insurance claims can be devastating for businesses that aren’t properly insured. If you or your employees drive company-owned or personally owned vehicles in the course and scope of business, you need commercial auto coverage.
  • Workers’ compensation: If you have employees, you need workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical expenses and lost wages arising from illnesses or injuries triggered by their work.
  • Business interruption: If your business is unable to operate because of a covered property loss, business interruption insurance covers lost income during the downtime.
  • Disability insurance: If you own a small business, a disabling injury or illness could be financially devastating. Several income protection options are available for business owners, including business overhead expense insurance, key person insurance and bank loan disability insurance.
  • Health: Health insurance is important for you and your employees. And with the federal Affordable Care Act now on the books, it’s important to understand your responsibilities as an individual and as an employer.
  • Life: If you have family members who rely on your income, life insurance will provide the money they need if you meet an untimely death. In addition, many lenders require you to have life insurance before giving you a business loan.

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