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Pay As You Owe Workers Compensation Ins.

End of Year Workers Comp. audits have you down? – Switch to Pay As You Owe Workers Compensation!

Q. Whats is Pay As You Owe Workers Comp? – Pay-as-you-go billing option for workers compensation insurance allows you to link your
payroll directly to your workers compensation premiums.
Q. Who is eligible for Pay As You Owe? – PAYO is a billing option that is available for many workers compensation policies.
Q. Does my business have to be a certain size to utilize PAYO? –  No – PAYO is available to all sized businesses.
Q. How does PAYO work? – PAYO allows your businesses to pay their workers compensation premium in real-time as you run the payroll.  PAYO
offers two payroll reporting options – your businesses can either self-report payroll at the end of each pay period or link
PAYO with one of thousands of approved payroll companies for automated premium withdrawals.
Q. Is the process complicated? – Absolutely not! PAYO has an easy to follow set up process – all you need to do is provide a few simple pieces of
information and you’re ready to go!
Q. What are the benefits of PAYO? – Benefits to businesses include:
 No down payment
 Real-time WC premium calculations
 Improved cash-flow for businesses
 Automatic premium deductions
 Reduced audit exposure due to real time premium calculations
Q. How much will PAYO cost me? – Nothing, PAYO is a free billing option available exclusively for certain workers compensation clients.

Q. How can I get started on Pay As You Owe Workers Compensation Insurance? – Contact Us!

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