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What is General Liability Insurance?

After dedicating so much time and effort to your business, the last thing you need is for a disgruntled employee or client to initiate a lawsuit.

Because this is a highly litigious society, it’s essential for every business to have a good general liability policy in place. Along with property protection and workers compensation, general liability can help your business stay safe and financially stable. A general liability policy through TCS Insurance Brokers will be there to defend you when a small mishap turns into a big lawsuit.

General liability insurance protects your business when someone decides to file a lawsuit against it due to injury or property damage.

We will work with you to determine a liability policy that will fit the unique needs of your business. And as an independent insurance agency, TCS Insurance will research the top carriers for California general liability insurance to find the most comprehensive coverage for your business, at the best rate available.

What is general liability insurance?

TCS Insurance offers general liability insurance, also called commercial general liability insurance, which protects your business from third party claims for bodily injury, associated medical costs and damage to someone else’s property.
You should consider general liability insurance if you or your employees:

  • Visit a client’s place of work, or clients visit yours.
  • Have access to a client’s equipment. (i.e., a client’s server).
  • Write or speak about a client’s business.
  • Use third-party locations for any business related activities.
  • Are required to have general liability insurance before entering into a contract.

For example, while visiting a client’s office, the client trips over your briefcase and gets injured – your business may be liable. Your fault or not, our general liability insurance coverage will protect your business against covered claims by paying defense costs and any damages up to your policy limit.

Types of California General Liability Insurance from TCS Insurance Brokers

Commercial General Liability in California can prevent major financial losses if your business is sued or held legally responsible in the event of bodily injury or damage. With the proper California general liability policy through TCS Insurance Brokers, you can have most medical expenses, attorney fees, settlements, and reimbursements covered. TCS Insurance general liability coverage’s include:

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Products and completed operations
  • Fire legal liability
  • Medical payments
  • Premises liability
  • Employer’s liability insurance, employee benefits liability and employment-related practices liability

Other types of Commercial General Liability include Garagekeepers Liability and Employment Practices Liability. If you run an auto service operation, having Garagekeepers Liability coverage will protect your customers’ vehicles from fire, vandalism, theft, or other damages. An option like Employment Practices Liability will protect your business if an employee’s legal rights have been violated.

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