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We help small, large, new and existing businesses get properly insured with a long list of Workers Comp carriers that we are partners with. We know how tough it could be to go through this process and that is why we get everything needed up front, do all the research and narrow down options for you. It’s a process that has made us into the the go-to insurance shop for the thousands of professional business owners we cover!

The commercial insurance market is full of insurance folks that dabble into WC here and there not knowing how this all really works and instead of helping they just create confusion. So we are here to tell you how it is and what to expect. When it boils down to it, insuring your employees is very simple. One, it’s required by law. Two, with the right insurance program in place, your employees will be taken care of when something serious happens. Three, what you pay will make sense once you know how it all works. – Many times we see unexperienced insurance sales people put hard working business owners into the wrong program or with the wrong class codes. Creating headaches and astronomical charges imposed at the time of an audit.

Here is what Workers Compensation covers:

  1. Injuries sustained by your employees, volunteers and uninsured 1099 contractors.
  2. Death of an employee, volunteer and uninsured 1099 contractor while working for your business.
  3. Rehab or payout required to get your employee, volunteer or uninsured 1099 contractor back to normal or a lawsuit settled.

Here is how Workers Compensation insurance is rated:

  1. The experience you have managing employees.
  2. Your prior coverage experience and loss/claim history.
  3. The type of work you do.
  4. The amount of payroll you report.
  5. The number of part time and full time employees.

How is my Workers Compensation insurance charged?

  1. You can pay based on an estimated amount of payroll. Where the premium will be calculated and then divided into installments or one lump sum.
  2. You can pay based on the payroll you report each pay period.

Both options still require an annual audit. Usually, the first year will be a heavy audit where someone might physically show up to your business to review your books and take copies of your tax documents. Subsequent years could be soft audits where you are allowed to provide your own details. It varies based on the type of work you do and the insurance company you are placed with.

Ready to work with real insurance professionals?

We directly represent the top quality commercial and workers compensation insurance companies in the U.S. Carriers like Travelers, Harford, Nationwide, Kemper, Safeco, Mapfre, MetLife, Guard, Stillwater (formerly Fidelity), Dovetail, Tokio Marine, Attune, National or specialty carriers like AmTrust, National Liability & Fire, PIE (Sirius America), Clear Spring Property & Casualty, Markel, Berkshire, Omaha National. Plus we have relationships with wholesale brokerages for proprietary programs that could help save you some big bucks. With TCS Insurance Brokers you get the Best Combination of Coverage, Pricing and Expertise under one roof!

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post written by: Domingo Ramos, Insurance Broker, proudly licensed to transact insurance in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Michigan. –

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