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Are you licensed in insurance and are being held back from your full potential? – Join our thriving team of insurance & financial services professionals and receive industry leading support & tools to help take your career to new levels!

Top 3 reasons why our independent broker partners stay with TCS Insurance Brokers

  1. Direct Access with your own code to National Quality Insurance Carriers.American Modern, Berkshire, Guard, Hartford, Kemper, Mapfre, MetLife, Nationwide, Safeco & Travelers to just name a few!
  2. Written Commissions paid biweekly.Most of our carrier partner contracts are on written commissions. Which means you don’t have to wait until the policy is paid to get paid for you work. Plus, as soon as commissions come in you get paid!
  3. Industry leading training & support.TCS Insurance Brokers is designed to keep our team members engaged in what they are experts in. So when you need support with a commercial client, you’ll work directly with our inhouse commercial expert. Or when you are way to busy to handle life insurance leads, our Life Insurance VP will pick up the ball for you and help you close more sales!

Want more reasons? How about owning your book of business? Or having a book of business that will continue to feed you even during your retirement days? Or the ability to open up your own TCS Insurance Brokers branch? Or receiving genuine help in paving your own path with the same carrier appointments we have? – We’ve created solutions to all the most common problems our industry of professionals face. So, if you want to learn more, then let’s chat!

You got an insurance license and now what do you do if you go at it alone?

  1. You must get an Insurance Broker bond.
  2. You must get an Errors & Omissions Professional Liability policy.
  3. You must set up an Agency Management system to safeguard your clients confidential information.
  4. You must obtain carrier appointments and keep up with production requirements.
  5. You must build a team to help keep your clients taken care of.
  6. You must do your continuing education in order to stay on top of changes in the insurance industry.

By forming part of an already established and successful team, you can then focus on mastering your craft and providing your clients with the best.

Why should I join an Agency instead of a Cluster or Aggregator?

Most groups require a Buy-In for you to join with a large Buy-Out when you decide to leave. Many take a hefty portion of your commissions. All of them OWN your client data once it’s in their hands. – Our advice on Clusters & Aggregators is to READ THE CONTRACT & SEEK LEGAL COUSEL Before you sign.

By joining an agency like TCS Insurance Brokers, you won’t have any out of pocket expenses to begin selling. You will own your book of business and we will even help you establish your own agency if you decide to venture out on your own!

See, we aren’t afraid to bring on talented individuals that could eventually outgrow us. We actually encourage our team to recruit folks who might be our competition. Because most will actually never want to leave the circle of support, training and encouragement we create around us.

Ready to be part of a true insurance professional team?

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post written by: Domingo Ramos, Insurance Broker, proudly licensed to transact insurance in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Michigan. –

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